Still in the atmosphere of Lebaran, Base Management of Indonesian Plantation Trade Union (SERBUNDO) Begerpang Estate PT. Lonsum Deli Serdang with DPP SERBUNDO carried out Halal bihalal with the aim of strengthening the relationship of plantation workers held in the village of Bergepang Bangun Purba District Deli Serdang which was attended by dozens of members and basis leader.

Halal bihalal activity was attended by the Board of DPP SERBUNDO such as Secretary General and Treasurer of DPP, also joined the head of the village of Bergepang Bangun Purba District. On that occasion the DPP Treasurer Suhib Nuridho said that the purpose of Halal bihalal is done to strengthen silahturahmi fellow members of the workers and as a means of consolidation of the labor movement against the base base and its members at the Plantation Begerpang Estate Lonsum Plantation which is one of the oldest oil palm plantations in Indonesia.

Suhib Nuridho also said that as long as SERBUNDO entered and accompanied the workers at the Plantation of Begerpang Estate of Lonsum Plantation, there has been a change, albeit a little, the reason it is conveyed that as a relatively old plantation doing oil palm plantation activities should be able to give an example to the plantation companies other. It was also mentioned that there are still many problems faced by Palm Plantation Workers, especially members and administrators. In particular, the high work targets are still in the burden to harvesters where workers are still targeted to get FFB (fresh fruit bunches) per worker must be at least 1.2 tons to 2 tons per day, besides that, in Begerpang Estate Plantation still there are his carpenters or often called the kernet in the palm fruit harvesting activities, again the reason because the target work is still charged high.

At the Begerpang Estate plantation base there are still many BHL and PKWT laborers who are very difficult to become SKU or permanent laborers, and BHL workers (casual laborers) are mostly women whom they do not fully obtain social security from the company and are paid only according to their work only, he said. Therefore, with the post-Eid momentum and halal bihalal activities, it encourages and strengthens the consolidation of the labor base at Begerpang Estate to continue to strive for improvements in the quality of life that is just economically fair, “he said. Quoting the statement of Ketum SERBUNDO at the headquarters of DPP Serbundo, Herwin Nasution, SH said SERBUNDO together with his group together remain solid to fight for labor rights, besides said Herwin Nasution, SH asked the base board to continue to defend its members who get labor problems and DPP SERBUNDO divide its role effectively.

In addition, he encouraged to continue to educate both members at the level of board of base and DPP SERBUNDO and will continue to campaign and advocate against workers who experienced problems in oil palm plantation companies both to the RSPO and its international network. (Binsar Ritonga)

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