Pesticide Action Network Asia-Pasific (PANAP) hold a meetingof Pesticide Task Force on March 20-21, 2019 in Penang, Malaysia. That meeting attended by the representative from othr institutions and networking from various countries, such as; Malaysia, Indonesia, Philipine, India, South Korea, and New Zealand which purposing to collect regional movement in Pasific Asia to decreasing the using of pesticide that thave bad impact directly while its used near children, such as; spreading pesticide near primary scholl, housing, and children playground. In this term, all the attendes discuss about the International movement that can be used as a campaign material so that the biggest pesticide company that located in Germany could decrease the production of pesticides. This discussion still on early thought and still on the process to accepted by the highest board of PANAP and other networking of PANAP.

On the second day of meeting, PANAP gave the socialisation from updated version of CPAM (Community-based Pesticide Action Monitoring). This application contains procedural material and mechanism in form systematical questions could be used for research about the using of pesticides by society, teachers, and impacted children as well. From the application there would be a space for conducting complaint if there were evidences in society particularly near study place or children playground.

From this oppurtiny, also endorsed a campaign “Buffer Zone” ( a surrounding area or near the core area and identified to protect the core area from negative impact of human activity). OPPUK, in panel discussion and sharing experiences, told that to determine the buffer zone was essential in palm oil plantation to protect labor’s kids from the dangerous pesticide while its implemented in children environment such as, housing, school, and children playground in palm oil plantation. This campaign should encouraged to Government in order to set up the regulation of wider buffer zone in palm oil plantation to ensure the children healty and stay away from the negavite impact of dangerous pesticides.

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